Milieux Group was birthed out of today’s need for simpler solutions in the property and construction sector as of this new dynamic norm. We’re embracing and thriving in this new environment by adapting and synchronising new technologies throughout every facet of our business.

This new dynamic has created markets that just weren’t there yesterday or maybe no one seen them, like addressing the housing needs for essential workers…through Essential Titles for Essential Workers we’re addressing this need head on, by providing a level of affordable housing that is unmatched in the market today.

We’re humbly poised to grow exponentially as we’re committed to agility in this constantly evolving paradigm.


We create experiences in environments that stimulates the senses, and we use homes and apartments to do it. We set the standard. We challenge what others perceive as “exquisite” and is “above and beyond”…

For “Essential Workers” only. Providing them with the best possible affordable housing on the market. As we value these individuals so much, we only develop housing that enriches their lives in locations that far exceeds their expectations.

Where baby boomers are seeking to merely downsize their accommo­dation without compromi­sing on anything else. Even experience a more enriching life, by the opportunity that’s created to immerse themselves in living their full potential with likeminded individuals.


We source plots and design properties thereon that exactly meets the market…not too much or too little…but exactly the right number and design scheme that’s built to an uncompromising standard to create the perfect flavour for each development.

Welcome to the Plot Splitter, we simplify all forms of property and land subdivision. If you’re needing to split your plot, then you’ve come to the right place…

We construct exquisite homes in environments that have a profoundly positive impact on individuals lives, from the construction worker to the occupant. Our homes are built by artisans with an impeccable track record in their respected fields of expertise.


No one owes you a living. No government, company or individual. If you want to maintain or increase your standard of living, then you need to invest in it now…
Why is it so critical to invest today?

Unlike any other time in history, we must invest our money to counterbalance the currency devaluation that’s been brought about by inflationary pressure from fiscal policies.

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